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Kibbutz was born from nostalgia

A Nostalgia for days gone by, when you could order a glass of great beer without having to break the bank, days when you could go to your favorite pub in flip-flops or slippers, and of course, a cut down shirt.  Days when you’d meet friends without having to arrange a date in advance because you just knew that they’d be there.  Nostalgia for the days of kibbutz.

 Kibbutz proves that there’s another way to have a good time – even in the big city.

Even at the center of one of the symbols of modern Tel Aviv’s life style – sparling and sophisticated Tel Aviv Harbor, it’s possible to find a place where the party goers are, primarily, just like those at kibbutz.

Here you’ll remember the place where you tasted your very first beer, where you first experienced that pleasant, drunken feeling that spread through your body.  The place where you sat until the wee small hours of the night and always felt as if you were at home, the place where you knew you could be as crazy as you liked and that everything would be forgiven the next day.

Kibbutz is an alternative

An alternative to the noisy and fast moving city that never rests; to the official dress codes, the hedonistic atmosphere and the idea that how you look is the most important thing.  But, above all that, it’s an alternative to the spiraling prices of drinks and alcohol that have become totally unreasonable.

That’s why you’ll find everybody here: people from kibbutz and people from the city, from the moshav and from Tel Aviv.  It’s just like on kibbutz.

Kibbutz is a tribute

A tribute to another way of having a good time, one that only someone who’s actually been there can understand.  A way of celebrating that folks from the big city will most probably never understand.  It’s an experience that is true happiness regardless of who’s taking part or the beer being served – what’s most important is the right atmosphere.

Here you’ll find everything; the bales of hay, Israeli music, you know, the songs that you never grow tired of.  That Jon Deere tractor you loved, the Galon fans of mythological fame, the menus that are even more varied than the food served in the kibbutz dining room on a Friday night.  And the drinks that will bring a smile to the face of every real kibbutznik.  We even have a membership charge – 20 Sh. during the week and 30 Sh. at the weekend.

Here you can watch sports with your friends in the open air, spend some time playing games on a PlayStation, just crash on a sofa or on the huge bar or just smoke a hookah pipe – in short, have a great time!

Because everything you want is here, waiting for you at the Kibbutz.

Here you’ll feel like you’re on a kibbutz, because here – it’s just like home.